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We are excited to provide our customers with the latest generation of compressed air equipment along with its installation and optimal working solution ranging from the simplest to the most sophisticated applications.

At Industrial Services & Automation we give priority to our client’s objectives finding the optimal and best possible economical answer to your operational needs.

Latest breakthrough technologies are helping compressed air users to achieve sustainable targets, with energy efficient and oil-free compressor technology we encourage the environmental consciousness, creating a positive environmental impact.

Our offer consists of the latest complete range of world-class compressor technology, compressed air dryers, inline filtration, nitrogen generators, tools, automation and many more. We are distributors for CompAir and Hydrovane brands, as well as several other world renown OEM equipment manufacturers giving our clients the one-door compressed air solution.


At Industrial Services & Automation we deliver high level of expertise with superior service capability, safeguarding operational capability of top-notch technology with a top-notch backup, warranting you have the best possible support around the clock, seven days a week.

Our service range starts from simple inspection and diagnostic visits to planned preventive maintenance including full overhauls and breakdowns. Using OEM genuine parts and lubricants we ensure less downtime and less cost – keeping your equipment in peak efficiency.

Apart from the ad-hock interface such as condition-based maintenance or breakdown we offer smart maintenance plans for most of the popular compressor brands, both new and pre-owned.

ISA is a dedicated business with the focus on service and parts supply to maintain your equipment regardless of the brand or age. It is our top priority to provide the best aftermarket solution for all your compressors and ancillaries maintaining its peak efficiency.

Service Level Agreements

Our prerogative is to ensure optimal equipment operation therefore we offer equipment maintenance service plans, which are responsive, flexible maintenance agreements suitable for our customers’ pocket and above all for the benefit of the client’s operation.

Agreements are drawn in best interest of our customer according to manufacturer’s service recommendation, keeping in mind installation specifications and its operating environment which may alter frequency of the maintained component.

Compressor Rentals

ISA offers a short and long term equipment hire solution for planned contingencies or unexpected emergencies. We supply electrically and diesel engine driven compressors for all types of operational needs. Our hire extends to the downstream equipment such as dryers and inline filtration.

We warranty short response time and irrespective of the circumstances we can provide tailored solutions ensuring production continuity.

Equipment Installations

We know what it takes to design, install and maintain air compressors, industrial machinery and downstream equipment and proud to say that we have 50 years of combined expertise in the compressed air industry to give our clients the confidence they deserve when utilising our services.

We take great care and responsibility in this role. We are highly capable of designing a complete compressed air system, supplying all of the necessary equipment as well as conducting the complete installation. We take on the full responsibility of the project so our customers can be assured that we are their only point of contact throughout the entire process.

With regards to managing, our project managers will oversee and orchestrate any project size from the beginning till the end, ensuring proper installation and an efficient, smooth-running operation. With our experienced team, we have the ability to handle just about any type of compressed air installation.

HVAC Equipment

Industrial Service and Automation has the necessary capacity to supply maintain and repair industrial, commercial and domestic HVAC systems. HVAC is a specialised business which consist of technology for indoor and vehicular environmental comfort and process control. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems design is a subdiscipline of mechanical engineering, based on the principles of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer.
These are the offered products:

Liquid and air cooled chillers
Water cooled package units
Dx and unitary a/c equipment
LG, Daikin and Fujitsi variable refrigerant flow units
Panel coolers
Air dryers
Cooling towers
Cold and freezer rooms, including display refrigeration in stores
Ventilation systems and extraction systems ducting , supply and install

Compressed Air Audits

Whether you’re looking to upgrade or replace your compressor network, or simply improve the energy performance of your existing installation, a great way to start is to carry out a compressed air audit. Compressed air audits are an effective way to identify your current energy use and to assess your compressed air needs.

Audit Deliverables:

You will receive a written report covering the following:

  • Inventory of equipment audited
  • Plant’ compressed air demand
  • Compressed air dew point
  • Compressor energy consumption
  • Recommendations
  • Return on investment.

Please contact our office for a consultation or quote.

Leak Detection

Apart from an audit of the compressed air system, one should also include regular checks for air leaks including this maintenance routine in a periodic plant maintenance schedule. A simple leak detection survey can identify any problems quickly and any remedial action you take can have an immediate, positive effect with fast payback periods.

Please contact our office for a consultation and a quote.

Optimization Audits

These surveys are usually a visual audit, which are based on engineering experience and opinion of the associates who are working hand in hand with the worldwide compressed air authorities such as BCAS or ASME including the ISO standards. Our expertise and experience allows us to identify areas in the compressed air system which can be improved or corrected resulting in systems’ reliability, optimal performance and cost effectiveness.

Audit Deliverables:

You will receive a written report covering the following:

  • Inventory of equipment audited
  • Description of problems identified
  • Recommendations aimed at improving:
    • Energy / emission losses
    • Engineering practices / correct applications
    • Health & safety
  • Potential savings based on:
    • Energy savings by implementation of relevant equipment type.
    • Energy savings by eliminations of leaks.
    • Energy savings by improved work methods.
  • Return on investment.


Our business is growing from strength to strength continually expending our boundaries with new projects and products. We are growing together with our clients where we source and supply state of the art equipment and solutions. We supply from the smallest tool or component to a most sophisticated assembly.

Sourcing the right equipment for a specific application doesn’t have to be a complex process – please entrust ISA with your requirement. Our wide-ranging experience in the industry gives us the ability to find and deliver respective equipment or component.

Please direct your RFQ to or +27 (0)31 220 2014.