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Energy efficiency was the key focus of the development of this recent compressor range. The high-output in-house made airend with slow rotational speed reduces significantly the energy costs. In addition to this, the innovative design of the fail safe shaft seal, integrated oil filter and oil regulation valve, ensures external hoses are reduced to a minimum to guarantee the highest levels of quality and reliability are achieved.

This range comprises of fixed speed and regulated speed (RS) models and is available with energy-saving integrated refrigerant dryer and high efficient heat recovery system.


High reliability and high quality compressed air
Superior energy efficiency
High flexibility
Small footprint
Low maintenance costs

The modern design, made of quality components, provides the reliability operators expect from their compressed air source. The high-out airend and the energy efficient IE3 electric motor are the key constituents that guarantee highest performance levels. Being equipped with high performance separator filtration ensures highest quality air (< 3ppm oil carryover) is delivered to the compressed air network. The high efficient and extremely quiet thermostatically controlled motor driven fan allows compressor operation in the work place and the use of the maximum duct length without further assistance.

The control system ensures reliable operation and protects the investment by continuously monitoring operational parameters. The Delcos Pro also has the capability to have programmable inputs and outputs, control additional equipment as well as providing the all relevant information in clear readable text:

Discharge/line pressure display
Air/oil temperature display
Total hours run and under load
Service due indicator
Enhanced fault log monitor
Real time clock
Timer controlled stop/start
Remote start/stop
Auto restart after power failure
Second pressure setting
Status indication
RS485 – Modbus RTU
The pressure setting can be easily adjusted via the controller.

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